We pay special attention while processing of the raw material to produce cores

  • All the incoming materials are checked for its thickness, grade insulation and watt loss.
  • Full traceability of product in any step of process is achieved through our SCP (Standard Coding Process).
  • We use Tungsten special tools for cutting in order to minimize burr level.
  • Also quality control checks are carried out right through manufacturing process at regular half-intervals on every machine and the record is maintained separately.

  • Inventory management and using right grade of material for every core design constitutes a major step in our process control.
  • Annealing of Cores and Lamination is carried in our Roller / PIT Furnace to relieve the plastic & elastic strain encountered in steel while processing, under strict control to maintain mill instructed Annealing standards.
  • Packing: This process we think is the most important step as the material we handle is very sensitive to human touch. At most care is taken in handling the e-steel right from storage of raw material till finished product. The products are packed on soft wooden pallets / hard pressed boxes which are packed with anti-humid Volatile Corrosion Inhibiting layers to deliver our customer the best processed products in best useable condition.