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Power Core stocks and slits a full range of electrical steel for the transformer industry. Although our primary focus is on processing grain-oriented steel ( View technical details* ), we also slit non-oriented steel                          ( View technical details** ) in our modern slitting facility. We provide cut core from basic cut to length rectangles to advanced StepLap cores, Blanking Laminations, Toroidal core, Wound cores and special customized design requirements of our Partners (Customers).
We plan & stockĀ  grain oriented and non-oriented silicon steelĀ  to always ensure the least supply lead time demand of our Partners.

Toroid :
Power Core is one of the leading toroidal core producers. We offer a full range of annealed, toroidal cores for metering, relaying and special applications. Our toroidal cores are available in a wide range as per our Partners (Customers) designs.
Wound Core :
Power Core has started supplies of distributed gap cores for small power and distribution transformers. We produce an almost unlimited amount of core designs.
Stack Core :
Power Core is producing a wide range of Stacked transformer Lamination products for small and medium power transformers. These cores range from 10KVA to 50000KVA in all geometrical patterns.
Step Lap Core :
Power Core is a designer and supplier of a wide range of step lap cores that adds to your special operational needs
Blanking Lamination :
Power Core blanking lamination are been processed and produced with best raw material under precession engineering tool room.
Other / Special Products & services :

We provide assembled cores and manufacture special designs required for specific applications. Most common are Slit coils, strip lamination, CRGO Blanking laminations, Starter and Rotor lamination, etc..

ISO 9001 UKAS Certificate
ISO 9001 NABCB Certificate
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