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Raw materials

The basic raw material used for manufacturing the Core / Lamination is Cold Rolled Grain Oriented Steel (CRGO) steel. This CRGO steel is imported from reputed overseas mills in various grades of different permeability. Basically, there are many types of CRGO Steel e.g. M-3, M-4, M-5 and M-6 grade and HI-B Material.

These raw materials are imported in forms of coils having standard width or in form of slits.

CRGO material has the least figure of maximum core loss in the rolling direction. With the increased shearing angle to the rolling direction, the core loss at any particular flux density goes up and becomes generally highest in the transverse direction. Because of this it is possible to use CRGO in static electrical machines which include all types of power transformers, distribution transformers, etc.

Manufacturing Mills of CRGO Steel do guarantee the core loss figure at flux density of 1.5 Tesla for conventional grain oriented steel and at 1.7 Tesla in case of HI-B and HI-B-LS steel. The grades of material popularly used are M-3, M-4, M-5 and M-6. We also use, for special requirements of the customers, HI-B Material designated as MOH, TRAN-COR H, ZH, ZDKH and ZDMH.

CRGO Lamination Manufacturers
CRGO Lamination Manufacturers India

We pay special attention while processing of the raw material to produce cores:

  • All the incoming materials are checked for its thickness, grade insulation and watt loss.
  • Full traceability of product in any step of process is achieved through our SCP (Standard Coding Process).
  • We use Tungsten special tools for cutting in order to minimize burr level.
  • Also quality control checks are carried out right through manufacturing process at regular half-intervals on every machine and the record is maintained separately.
  • Inventory management and using right grade of material for every core design constitutes a major step in our process control.
  • Annealing of Cores and Lamination is carried in our Roller / PIT Furnace to relieve the plastic & elastic strain encountered in steel while processing, under strict control to maintain mill instructed Annealing standards.
  • Packing: This process we think is the most important step as the material we handle is very sensitive to human touch. At most care is taken in handling the e-steel right from storage of raw material till finished product. The products are packed on soft wooden pallets / hard pressed boxes which are packed with anti-humid Volatile Corrosion Inhibiting layers to deliver our customer the best processed products in best useable condition.
CRGO Lamination Manufacturers India
CRGO Lamination Manufacturers India
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